How Desi R U?
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What the heck? Desi Dollars??
What are Desi Dollars?
Desi Dollars ($) is the newest currency in the country of You work, and you get paid, ofcourse in Desi Dollars. More you contribute, more of Desi Dollars you will have. When you download backup of your music, we will deduct some amount ( Desi Dollar Rates ) from your account.

How exactly do you get Desi Dollars?
You get Desi Dollars for uploading a song, providing information about the songs (lyrics, singername, etc), being a moderator, being a reviewer, submitting a joke. Basically, anything you do for you, you will automatically make some Desi Dollars.

What are Desi Dollars good for? How can I spend it?
Desi Dollars can be used to download backups of your music. It costs us (a lot) to run such service. And we want money for the service we provide. Well, most people are not willing to give up money, so when you download a song, we will take it from your Desi Dollars account.
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