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Album : paNACHe
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 01/21/1990
Rating : 7.87
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Dil Vajeda
Singer(s) : Achanak
2. Tenu Khende
Singer(s) : Achanak
3. Har Gunga
Singer(s) : Achanak
4. Mundah Dekh
Singer(s) : Achanak
5. Phantom Of The Bhangra Zone
Singer(s) : Achanak
6. Jor Dehnee
Singer(s) : Achanak
7. Dhol Tax
Singer(s) : Achanak
8. Mera Yaar Da Viyah
Singer(s) : Achanak
9. Chad Ke Na Jhavee
Singer(s) : Achanak
Album Description :
Album: paNACHe
Singer: Achanak
Track Listing:

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by hamza0088 done on 08/20/2004 : all time favourite 8/10
cant believe no one has rated this badboy outage by achanak - i remember wen i went to one of his gigs in 1992 - my first time clubbing experience at 15yo... and i remember one of his first performances at the le palais in hammersmith - anyone remember it ?? where achanak played their all time hit lak nu hala - and the doll burst with all these effects.... man that kicked - anyways back to the review for this album. Ive given it a 8/10 - got sum badboy trax on these........ a must for the old skool bhangra fans... dil vajada the best of em all... !!
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