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Album : Donaali - Rifle
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 03/20/2004
Rating : 8.06
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Teri Takni Ne Dil
Singer(s) : Mika
2. Jattiye
Singer(s) : Mika
3. Gabru Desh Punjab Da
Singer(s) : Mika
4. Jaanam
Singer(s) : Mika
5. Basti Basti
Singer(s) : Mika
6. Can You Tell Me Sohniye
Singer(s) : Mika
7. Dil Mein Mera
Singer(s) : Mika
8. Teri Nazron Ka Jaadu
Singer(s) : Mika
9. Kudi Wekho Ludhiyane
Singer(s) : Mika
10. Dunali
Singer(s) : Mika
Album Description :
Album: Donaali / Dunali / Rifle
Singer: Amrik Singh Mika (AKA Mika)
Track Listing:

01 Teri Takni Ne Dil
02 Jattiye
03 Gabru Desh Punjab Da
04 Jaanam
05 Basti Basti
06 Can You Tell Me Sohniye
07 Dil Mein Mera
08 Teri Nazron Ka Jaadu
09 Kudi Wekho Ludhiyane
10 Dunali

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by manbirkullar done on 04/08/2004 : its pretty good 9/10
i think this album is quite good..espeicailly the first three songs and the sister made me aware of this album and i wuz quite impressed by it..its slow and mellow..just somethin that u could sit down and cruzin songs but still good!
Review by jazsingh2k4 done on 04/12/2004 : HEAVY ALBUM! 8/10
This album is top, the tunes are proper heavy!!
Review by PunjabiDemonz done on 10/20/2004 : This Album 8/10
I think the best song be #3 "Gabhru Desh Punjab Da". Better job than his previous albums.
Review by jattsher done on 01/22/2005 : Na hes not 5abi 1/10
wow what is wrong with him ya wann kno listen to Chhankata 2004 tell me how what you feel
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