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Album : Bhangra Fever Vol 02
Type : Dj Remixes
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 09/09/1990
Rating : 8.25
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     more albums by producer Deepak Kumar Khazanchi
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Dowain Janiyan - Heera
Singer(s) : Various
2. Bhangrafield Mix - Various
Singer(s) : Various
3. A-A-A-Gale Lag Ja
Singer(s) : Various
4. Sas Kutni - Remix
Singer(s) : Various
5. Snake Charmer - Gonna Bite You Featuring David R.B
Singer(s) : Various
6. Lava Dungi Hat Kariyan
Singer(s) : Kalapreet
7. Boliyan
Singer(s) : Aag
8. Beat The Rhythm - Check It Out
Singer(s) : Heera
9. Nach Aha - Mix By Deepak Khazanchi
Singer(s) : Heera
10. Bass Fire Mix
Singer(s) : Instrumental - Punjabi
Album Description :
Album: Bhangra Fever Vol 02
Singer: Various
Music: Deepak Kumar Khazanchi
Label: Arishma Records
Track Listing:

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by hamza0088 done on 08/20/2004 : Classic Bhangra mixes 10/10
this has to be a classic - back in the days when bhangra first came on to the UK scene this was one of my first albums.... man has sum old skool hits on this - mixed by the man Deepak himself - if u listen to the mixes sounds kinda lame now - but in the days it was the thing!! Big up to Depak for the work he did for the UK bhangra scene.... check out the first part. Also the holle holle wicked & wild album ..... man that kicked a$$ - 10/10 for this!
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