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Album : Shaheed Udham Singh 1997
Type : Movie
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 10/08/1997
Rating : 9.01
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Udham Singh
Singer(s) : Various
2. Ishq Di Baazi
Singer(s) : Various
3. Bholi Kich Ke
Singer(s) : Various
4. Sassi
Singer(s) : Various
5. Udham Singh
Singer(s) : Manjit Pappu
6. Shabad Gurbani
Singer(s) : Jagjit Singh
7. Zaat
Singer(s) : Durga Rangila
8. Mujrah
Singer(s) : Jaspinder Narula
9. Rataan
Singer(s) : Jaspinder Narula
Album Description :
Album / Movie: Shaheed Udham Singh
Singers: Gurdas Maan, Jagjit Singh, Jazzy B, Jaspinder Narula, Manjit Pappu, Durga Rangila, Meshi Eshara, Kumar & Dhami
Label: Moviebox
Music: Sukshinder Shinda

Track Listing - Singer - Lyricist:

01 Udham Singh - Jazzy B - Lyrics: Jasbir Ghunachanria
02 Ishq De Baazi - Gurdas Mann - Lyrics: Gurdas Mann
03 Bholi Kich Ke - Dhami, Kumar & Meshi - Lyrics: Sabhi Chahel
04 Sassi - Jagjit Singh - Lyrics: Traditional
05 Udham Singh - Manjit Papu
06 Shabad Gurbani - Jagjit Singh - Lyrics: Vinod Segal
07 Zaat - Durga Rangeela - Lyrics: Sadiq
08 Mujrah - Jaswinder Narula - Lyrics: K.Parvez
09 Rataan - Jaswinder Narula - Lyrics: K.Parvez

ALBUM OVERVIEW: The soundtrack to the film consists of 9 musical gems carefully created to bring to life the intensity and ferocity of a great Punjabi legend. Sukshinder Shinda has brought brilliance, articulation and clarity of texture to the soundtrack with the backing of some of the finest vocal talents of our times. The importance of the film and the strength of the album is illustrated by the calibre of artists involved with it. Gurdas Maan, Jagjit Singh, Jazzy B, Jaspinder Narula, Manjit Pappu, Durga Rangila, Meshi Eshara, Kumar and Dhami have all lent their voices to provide a backdrop to the emotionally charged story of one man and his battle against an imperial power.

History Overview: Jalianwala Bagh is situated in Amritsar just adjacent to the Golden Temple. In 1914 in order to overcome the unrest in Punjab as a preventive measure General Dyer ordered to open fire on a peacefull
procession at jalianwala Bagh. Because of some festival at Golden Temple there was comparatively a large gathering at the procession. Many people had nothing to do with this political procession. They were just watchers. When General Dyer Entered the Jalianwala Bagh from the main entrance, the whole procession was trapped within the high walls. Army took position and started firing the inoccent people. According to the official figures more than 350 people died and above 1500 were injured of whom many were serious. But unofficial records give the figures four times higher. Shaheed Udham Singh was also the fortunate survivor of Jalianwala bagh 12 years old at that time. Later he killed Micael O'Dwyer the real culprit behind the unfortunate and inhuman act. I will like to point to two freedom fighters who are not known to a majority of people but they were the major force behind the uprising in Punjab at that time. They were Kitchlew and Naipal. Both (First one muslim and 2nd one the hindu)represented hindu-muslim Itehad movement at that time. Both were called by the D.C for a meeting but upto this day It is not know that what happened to them. Presumably they were killed by the british officials.

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by aneet3 done on 12/12/2004 : GREAT ALBUM! 10/10
This is an excellent album on Shaheed Uddham Singh.
Review by sscarface04 done on 01/31/2005 : desiest 10/10
this is a very good album about are culture in 1990s
Review by superjattxxx done on 02/17/2005 : what a fantastic album 10/10
There top vocals from all around the world, theres lyrics that make your emotions flow. the music complements everything. my favourite track is zaat. really brings out what must have been flowing through Shaheed Uddham Singh's head, the man has pure courage. We punjabis owe alot to this man, he showed the british that we werent pussycats. We're lions. !!!!!
Review by yanky done on 03/19/2005 : excellent 10/10
very gud songs..has all the famous names singing in it...has all type of songs n a shabad too...the heer by jagjit n mujra by j the patriotic gurdas..n funky short..the best album.....true to its name..shaheed udham singh,........inqulab zindabad
Review by sublime_jatt done on 05/27/2006 : TiTe 10/10
BEST movie and the best songs i ever watched and herd! two thumbs up! love the song that Jazzy Bains sings. Sumthin yall need to watch!
Review by jasmeet done on 06/11/2006 : excellent album 10/10
my favourite track is ishq di baazi.....,Rataan...,zaat...,udham singh (jazzy b).
Review by Harsan_Sandhu done on 07/24/2006 : Excellent 10/10
HI this album is really very good . but i wanna correct something about movies history which some has written ie two leaders whose name has been mentioned were Dr kichlu and Satpal(not naipal) thanx.
Review by abhai done on 08/20/2006 : great 10/10
superb...songs all time hits...i love zaat..,raatan.., mujrah...& the top one is shabad gurbani...which is a thriller track.....i like the whole movie not even a single scene is boaring..
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