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Album : Debi Live 2
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 08/28/2004
Rating : 9.35
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Lageyan Di Lajj
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
2. Duniya Te Sohne
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
3. Main Kali
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
4. Dil Kita
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
5. Asi Chann Banage
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
6. Mathe Di Lakeer
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
7. Asi Kalle Kalle Haan
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
8. Sohneya Di Tayari
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
9. Sohneya Surtaan Bann Than Ke
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
10. Aukhiyan Padaiyan
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
11. Julfaan
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
12. Daane Daane
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
13. Star Ho Gaye
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
14. Soonh Khake Dass
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
15. Jawani Peeh Gaya
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
16. Taan Pende Haan
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
17. Koi Kami Mere Wich
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
18. Saaun De Mahine
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
19. Utli Hawa Choon
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
20. Dukh Ve Bathere
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
21. Dil Jaan Jawan
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
22. Nazar Milde Hai
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
23. Rab De Koloon
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
24. Aakh Wich Peh Jave
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
25. Moton Bachan De Koshish
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
26. Koi Koi Nazar
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
27. Boliyan
Singer(s) : Debi Makhsoospuri
Album Description :
Album: Debi Live 2
Singer: Debi Makhsoospuri
Track Listing:

01 Lageyan Di Lajj
02 Duniya Te Sohne
03 Main Kali
04 Dil Kita
05 Asi Chann Banage
06 Mathe Di Lakeer
07 Asi Kalle Kalle Haan
08 Sohneya Di Tayari
09 Sohneya Surtaan Bann Than Ke
10 Aukhiyan Padaiyan
11 Julfaan
12 Daane Daane
13 Star Ho Gaye
14 Soonh Khake Dass
15 Jawani Peeh Gaya
16 Taan Pende Haan
17 Koi Kami Mere Wich
18 Saaun De Mahine
19 Utli Hawa Choon
20 Dukh Ve Bathere
21 Dil Jaan Jawan
22 Nazar Milde Hai
23 Rab De Koloon
24 Aakh Wich Peh Jave
25 Moton Bachan De Koshish
26 Koi Koi Nazar
27 Boliyan

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by sidhuinda done on 10/02/2004 : reg debi writing skills 10/10
in terms of depth of love, nobody can beat debi. he's so consistent in his output (debi live 1 n 2). keep it up debiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. 22 tere naal haige aannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn buurraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa simran
Review by ASD done on 01/05/2005 : Debi 10/10
What a fantastic gift he has, such depth in his words, debi di shaeri siddi dil te jaakey vajdi aa. Debi Live II offers immensely beautiful insights into love, friendship and life....who can beat the humility of koi kammi meray vich hovey gi koi kammi meray vich hovey gi
Review by uotreps done on 03/09/2005 : If u like those sheyars.. 10/10
u'll love this album cuz it's go so many nice sheyars...
Review by ucdajatt510 done on 07/12/2005 : bruaaaaaaaaaa 10/10
wasup!!!!!!!!! As we all know debi is best when it comes to writing ..keep it up chakdeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy alrite peace
Review by aasingh done on 08/30/2006 : Great Album 10/10
He's one of the best punjabi writers of all time!!!
Review by jassibehniwal done on 01/24/2007 : debi, lover 10/10
debi terre gittan cho me apna chehra takdan haa maneya ke kahani terri hai par dil apna rakhdan haan toon te suna dinda likhtaan apnian geetan rahin me apni likhat bus us de layi rkhdan haan too shayr hain terri pehchan hai terri eh shayri khakh warre zindgi terre to inna honslan rakhdan haan
Review by kulveer11 done on 02/05/2007 : The best 10/10
This is the best album.Debiji is a great writer.Uhna de likhn dee koe had nahi hai.DEBIJI da likhia ik ik shabd pyaraa hai.sare geet, sare shayer kable tarif han.DEBIJI thode geetan cho tohada mann disda hai.KOI kammi mere ch, is geet cho aap dee nimrta disdee hai.koi ina nimr nahi ho skda.pyaar to sakhne dil ihna geetan noo smjh nahi skde.amanpreet.
Review by kulveer11 done on 05/21/2007 : the best 10/10
all songs and shayers are soulful and meaningful.Rab kre debiji ise tran hi geet likhde rahn te punjabi geetkari nu ameer krde rahn.amanpreet.
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