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Album : Tu Chete Aaven
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 10/19/2004
Rating : 8.01
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Dil Diyan
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
2. Tu Chete Aaven
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
3. Dil Tere Utton
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
4. Jid Jattan Di
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
5. Teeyan Wichon
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
6. Tere Gore Rang Da
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
7. Tere Hanjhu
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
8. Phul Warga
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
9. Teri Meri Ik Jindri
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
10. Mukhra Gora Jiha
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
11. Teri Yaad Sajna
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
12. Tere Naina Varge
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
13. Tu Vakh Roven
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
14. Tusi Vaso
Singer(s) : Kaler Kanth
Album Description :
Album: Tu Chete Aaven
Singer: Kaler Kanth
Track Listing:

01 Dil Diyan
02 Tu Chete Aaven
03 Dil Tere Utton
04 Jid Jattan Di
05 Teeyan Wichon
06 Tere Gore Rang Da
07 Tere Hanjhu
08 Phul Warga
09 Teri Meri Ik Jindri
10 Mukhra Gora Jiha
11 Teri Yaad Sajna
12 Tere Naina Varge
13 Tu Vakh Roven
14 Tusi Vaso

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by desinec done on 10/23/2004 : BEst album of kanth 10/10
Hey ppl i luv his songsss nice songsss Duet ones with jaspinder narula..........good songs.... Dil Tere Utton and Tere Gore rang da
Review by godsson0919 done on 10/24/2004 : tere goray rang da 10/10
hes sick best singer out there.sad song are really niceeee.
Review by mike11 done on 10/26/2004 : That's why he is my favorite singer 10/10
the title song is the best.
Review by PunjabiDemonz done on 11/01/2004 : Kaler Kanth 9/10
awesome!!..thats wut i got for this album.Kaler Kanth got a lot of depth to his voice and thast wut brings the tru meaning out of a song..n each song that is!!..i aint too much of a sad song person, but for those who r into them,this has some real deep ones.and Jaspinder Narula has been doin a good job lately singin punjabi duets with gr8 singers like Kaler Kanth,Nachattar Gill,Inderjit Nikku,Diljit (from Dil-Diljit fame)
Review by djmaan done on 11/04/2004 : GOOD WORK 10/10
Awesome Album I like all the songs, but my fav is Tu Chete Aaven and Teeyan Wichon awesome songs.
Review by genevamarathon done on 11/27/2004 : Pind Diyan Kuriyaan 10/10
can somebody upload this song please "Pind Diyan Kuriyaan" it's from the same album it's one of the best song
Review by lali425 done on 12/01/2004 : Tu Chete Aaven 10/10
Really good album he done it again with his voice and talent
Review by harinder1 done on 12/17/2004 : DESI PUNJABI TALENT 9/10
Review by prab21 done on 04/03/2005 : 2 thumbs up 10/10
Greattt Album, title song has to be my favorite. he does a great job with the sad songs he sings.....
Review by dholaholic done on 01/11/2006 : Really a b'ful album 9/10
Soft voice of kaler kanth and lyrics: what a damn good combination
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