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Album : Tera Chehra
Type : Singer
Language : Hindi
Release Date : 09/09/2002
Rating : 8.06
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Tera Chehra
Singer(s) : Adnan Sami
2. Meri Yaad
Singer(s) : Adnan Sami
3. Tere Bina
Singer(s) : Adnan Sami
4. Nain Se Nain
Singer(s) : Adnan Sami
5. Roothay Huay
Singer(s) : Adnan Sami
6. Sanson Mein
Singer(s) : Adnan Sami
7. Teri Bahon Mein
Singer(s) : Adnan Sami
8. Kabhi Naee!
Singer(s) : Adnan Sami
9. Tera Chehra (Unplugged)
Singer(s) : Adnan Sami
Album Description :
01 Tera Chehra
02 Meri Yaad
03 Tera Bina
04 Nain Se Nain
05 Roothay Huay
06 Sanson Mein
07 Teri Bahon Mein
08 Kabhi Naee (Duet with Amitabh Bachchan)
09 Tera Chehra (Unplugged)

Producer: T-Series
Music: Adnan Sami Khan
Lyrics: Sameer
Singers: Adnan Sami Khan, Amitabh Bachchan.
Audio On: T-Series
After making a grand entry into the world of Hindi music nearly 2 years ago, Adnan Sami Khan returns with his second Indi-Pop album, Tera Chehra. Adnanıs first album, Kabhi To Nazar Milao was tremendous success, and now T-Series has reportedly paid him a huge amount for this album. Adnan is supported by Sameer in this venture as the lyricist. Though Sameerıs work canıt be termed a masterpiece, his writing here is definitely much better than most of his often released Hindi film soundtracks. The way T-Series is promoting this album ı with lavish music videos and tremendous publicity ı combined with the quality of the album itself; donıt be surprised if this turns out to be another successful album for Sami.

ıTera Chehraı begins the album on a great note. This is undoubtedly the best song of the album. The rhythm is nicely put together, and combined with Sameerıs romantic poetry and Adnanıs soulful rendition; this one is definitely guaranteed to be on everyoneıs lips. Throw in a sensually picturised music video on Rani Mukherjee and what more does the song need in becoming a success? There is also an ıunpluggedı version of the song included on the CD, which you wonıt find on the audiocassette.

ıTere Binaı has an easy flow that makes it likeable. The slightly playful composition and of course the singing make it worth listening to. ıRoothay Huayıis another composition which is instantly likeable. The lyrics and Adnanıs rendition are easily reminiscent of the numerous sentimental Kishoreda numbers from the seventies. However, that works for the song than rather going against it.

ıNain Se Nain Milaı is slightly experimental ı and the experimentation works in favor of Sami. Samiıs tried to infuse a slightly classical touch to the song, but whatıs unique is the manner in which he has arranged the beats. The beats are mixed very well and his style of rendition makes this song a keeper.

Samiıs tried to experiment a little also in ıSaanson Meinı, however, heıs not as successful here. Most of the songs in the album have used the tabla as the backdrop; here however, the arrangements are more westernized. The irritating synthesizer effect infused with Samiıs voice and the somewhat jarring composition bring down the quality.

The much talked about duet with Amitabh Bachchan, ıKabhi Naee!ı will unmistakably remind listeners of ıLift Karadeyı. The lyrics and the theme of the song are slightly similar to ıLift Karadeyı, but the energetic and chemistry-filled rendition by the Big B and Sami along with the peppy beats make it a chartbuster.

The only two mediocre numbers in the album come in the form of ıMeri Yaadı and ıTeri Bahon Meinı. The main contributors to minor flaws in this song are Sameerıs lyrics (can he EVER complete an album without being repetitive?) and the somewhat boring compositions.

Overall, Tera Chehra is winner! The album contains some awesome songs and if youıre fan of romantic songs you donıt want to skip this album.

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by Manjurul60 done on 10/20/2004 : Adnans 2nd Album!!! 7/10
Adnan Sami is back with his second Indipop album, 'Tera Chehra', released by T-Series. His first album, 'Kabhi To Nazar Milao', with Magnasound was a tremendous success, and now T-Series has reportedly paid him a huge amount for this album. Helping out Adnan with the lyrics of 'Tera Chehra' is Sameer, who has mostly been doling out trash in most of his film soundtracks, but is nevertheless in good form here. The opening track, 'Tera Chehra' is a sure shot chart buster. Composed by Adnan himself, it is a nice, melodious track. Sameer's lyrics for once complement the composition and prove to be an asset. The music arrangement is easy on the ears. Rendered by Adnan in his inimitable style, the track is bound to go down well with the masses and should prove to be a winner all the way. 'Meri Yaad' is a mediocre track marred by ordinary composition and even more ordinary lyrics. This is one track that makes you want to hit the skip button. Adnan as singer is his usual self, but overall the track does not amount to much. The composition of 'Tere Bina' is easy on the ears. Sameer's lyrics are effective here while Adnan scores both as singer and composer. 'Nain Se Nain Mila' is off the beaten track in the sense that Adnan as a composer has tried to incorporate a fusion element and succeeds in creating a different sound. The lyrics by Sameer are okay while Adnan as a singer impresses again. 'Roothay Huay' is another composition that makes an impact. Sameer's lyrics and Adnan's rendition does make one recall some similar sounding Kishore Kumar hits of the seventies. But in the end, 'Roothay Huay' stands on its own steam. 'Saanson Mein' has Adnan trying to attempt something different once again. But unlike 'Nain Se Nain Mila', he does not meet with much success here. His composition is a little below par, making the track sound ordinary. The base is once again Indian music but its fusion with Western classical music does not impress. As a singer too, Adnan sounds a bit repetitive. 'Teri Bahon Mein' is another mediocre track. Although Adnan as a composer and singer is good but the overall impact is lacking in something. Sameer is once again the culprit by dishing out ordinary lyrics. The penultimate track is one that was talked about even before the release of the album since it features Amitabh Bachchan singing along with Adnan. Titled, ' Kabhi Naee', it bears a lot of resemblance to Sami's 'Lift Karadey' track from his previous album in terms of its theme. Even the words sound similar to those in 'Lift Karadey'. But despite this, the track works, thanks to the energetic rendition by both Amitabh and Adnan. A sure shot winner this. The concluding track is an unplugged version of the opening track, 'Tera Chehra'. This one should get an entry in the hit list of various pubs and nightspots. On the whole, 'Tera Chehra' confirms the fact that the success of 'Kabhi To Nazar Milao' was no flash in the pan and Adnan is here to stay. Filled with romantic tracks, this one too has the potential to do well.
Review by Smartkid done on 07/05/2005 : Great 9/10
I love this album. It contains Adnan's best work. Every single song is great. My favorites are 'Tera Chehra' and 'Teri Bahon Mein.'
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