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Album : Husn
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 08/22/2005
Rating : 8.84
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Hausle Buland
Singer(s) : Surjit Khan
2. Lut Lo Nazare
Singer(s) : Surjit Khan
3. Husn
Singer(s) : Surjit Khan
4. Sohni Mahiwal
Singer(s) : Surjit Khan
5. Surma
Singer(s) : Surjit Khan
6. Heer
Singer(s) : Surjit Khan
7. Rangli Jawani
Singer(s) : Surjit Khan
8. Chudiyan
Singer(s) : Surjit Khan
Album Description :
Album: Husn
Singer: Surjit Khan
Track Listing:

01 Hausle Buland
02 Lut Lo Nazare
03 Husn
04 Sohni Mahiwal
05 Surma
06 Heer
07 Rangli Jawani
08 Chudiyan

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by happy1982 done on 08/25/2005 : theek aaa 7/10
album sunnan nu vadhiya aa. par ooo gal ni baniii.
Review by sbudwal1 done on 08/25/2005 : good album 6/10
Very nice album..The guy can sing pretty..i Love the album..there are few good songs in there...
Review by avtarios69 done on 08/25/2005 : A++++ 10/10
Surjit Khan Does it again, excellent album with original beats. Very Impressive, keep up the good work Surj!!!!!
Review by Manbir_Sandhu done on 08/25/2005 : great 10/10
very nice album. All his past albums were sucess and am sure this one would be too..
Review by Amirik1 done on 08/25/2005 : I been dying for a good album lately 10/10
Man, 10/10. That should say it all!
Review by munda done on 08/26/2005 : Husn by Surjit Khan 10/10
After Pyar Diyan Doran, Kikli Pa Ke, and Sajna Naal Yaari, Surjit Khan is back with a wicked album!!!! Hausle Buland is the best track. This album is only for a true Punjabi music listener.
Review by ndheri done on 08/26/2005 : compare with bindrakhia 9/10
Can't really compare with bindrakhia because bindrakhia was the best, but i do see same energy and some times sounds like him too. i am very sure he be the next one on top. listen to his previous albums he is a big star.
Review by doabanjatti done on 08/26/2005 : Surjit Khan's album is pure desi style. 10/10
I love the album. Desi music at its best. Heer and Churrhiyan are really good songs.
Review by hsekhon done on 08/26/2005 : Good One 8/10
Good music
Review by godsson0919 done on 08/26/2005 : husn 10/10
yes sirrrrrrrrr the champ is back with a great album...
Review by holdar done on 08/26/2005 : surjit chack de phattey 10/10
shabaash another top album by surjit khan well done
Review by haanjipaji done on 08/26/2005 : kamaal kar ditta 10/10
vadiyaa piece haiga ji inni soni album main kitthe ni sunea
Review by kehdasadananijanda done on 08/26/2005 : MAGICAL VOICE 10/10
This guy can sing 4sure.
Review by anmol8014 done on 08/28/2005 : Okayyyyyyy album 5/10
liked sohni-mahiwal and heer. husn and Chudiyaan are alright. rest of the songs are not surjits type.
Review by happy1982 done on 09/01/2005 : Best Voice After Bindrakhia....... 10/10
Must have Album for pure Punjabi Music lovers ........ the music is off the hook ......... and the voice is just incredible ...... 10/10 .....
Review by hsnath2003 done on 09/01/2005 : husn 9/10
balle khana
Review by PunjabiDemonz done on 09/04/2005 : Surjit Khan 7/10
first ever i heard his vocals were for song "taenu joban charrhiya ni kikli paake", got awesome voice.needs some nice producers and this guy'll do wonders.unlike lehmber,this guy got good bass to his voice.
Review by jattpunjabijatt done on 09/07/2005 : awesome 9/10
I think surjit khan is one of the most under rated singers. This guy has an awesome voice..hes on his way to the top
Review by anmol8014 done on 09/29/2005 : nice 10/10
Review by cee done on 11/29/2005 : DONN 9/10
surjit kahn, wot can i say " JUS WOT I NEEDED", i will be lookin forward for the nx album!!!!!! big it up..UK
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