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Album : Smile
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 09/04/2005
Rating : 8.11
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Smile
Singer(s) : Diljit
2. Kuwariyaan
Singer(s) : Diljit
3. Toon Disdi
Singer(s) : Diljit
4. Boliyan
Singer(s) : Diljit
5. Raunak
Singer(s) : Diljit
6. Morniye
Singer(s) : Diljit
7. Nateeje
Singer(s) : Diljit
8. Paggan Bochhmian Waale
Singer(s) : Diljit
Album Description :
Album: Smile
Singer: Diljit
Track Listing:

01 Smile
02 Kuwariyan
03 Toon Disdi
04 Boliyan
05 Raunak
06 Morniye
07 Nateeje
08 Paggan Pochmian Wale

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by DesiJattGrewal done on 09/06/2005 : Bomb Album By Diljit Again 9/10
Another Album by Diljit and again the bomb like ishq da uda ada, and dil. hopefully u people like it
Review by tejindersin done on 09/06/2005 : Diljit is back with SMILE! 7/10
So finally the young singer of Punjab is back with Smile album...I think this guy should get settled in UK, like Steve Singh sings his previous hit song.... Hai shaa So the title song 'Smile', it seems that the singer has copied the trend of Malkit.... mere ton nahi hunda CONTROL nee....trying to fit English words in Punjabi songs. Mundeya nu mare teri vakhri smile nee....Nokia da le leya tun mobile nee....good to listen to but I think you can not listen to this song for so long like his earlier songs... When you listen to 'Raunak' I am sure you will miss the rythme of Harjit Harman's 'Punjebaan' song. I must appreciate this singer's talent, he is so young but sings very well but Best of luck for his new album though he just released this album!
Review by royalsardar1 done on 09/06/2005 : abt his album 10/10
yo guys this cd is bomb...its for modern n tu disdi r da best... brruuaaa
Review by DesiJattGrewal done on 09/06/2005 : preet mani 10/10
good job diljit. you got nice voice and nice turban stlye too. keep it up
Review by simarjit done on 09/06/2005 : crazy album 10/10
yo jaanta...dis album is the best ... nice music n songs... it has everythin dat u need in an album... songs smile, tun disdi, Raunak.....very gus lyrics n music... boliyan should b called carzy boliyan.... NATEEJE..sad song with western touch... very gud CD,... KEEP IT UP DILJIT...... BRUAHHHHHHHHHHHH
Review by jattsher done on 09/06/2005 : Balle Ballle Shera 10/10
Good he did it once agin... nice good work keep it up lots of thankz to Balvir Boparai for them songs hes a great writerrrrrr... Malhi Jatt Mississippi Wala...........................
Review by ramanjit007 done on 09/06/2005 : very nice 8/10
all songs are good this album will bring smile on ur face
Review by rajcali done on 09/06/2005 : good music 9/10
i think he did good nice singer i like the song call Raunak it like family song. but i don't know who did the music for him the music very good and man balvir did all the writting good song writter and good singer to. I think may be Sukhpal Sukh did the music it very nice if any body other then sukh did the music please tell us thank u for uploading the song. u guys doing good. i just wanna tell u guys to change the home page put some new layouts Keep it up man Dalittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt very good singer
Review by ndheri done on 09/08/2005 : bull *ish* 6/10
diljit is outstandin, muzic is great, Balvir's Lyrics SUCKS. Pagaan Bochmein Wale is the only good trax written everything else is just leftover from balvir's collection. Song Nateejey, listen to it, what is this burger pizzey, and laghne nahin vizzey crap. Few other songs same thing, tittle song is okay to listen once... after that it's trash. Diljit is a folk singer giv'em songs about punjab, bhangre, mele, that kind os stuff. if i was diljit i would sing JELLY's words. Look where Jelly(jarnail) braught Surjit Khan from nowhere to the Top.
Review by baller_g9 done on 09/10/2005 : nothing in this album 3/10
music is good , lyrics is bad nothing is good
Review by RLALLY done on 09/13/2005 : smile 10/10
all songs, music, and the lyrics are a little different then what you hear normally in punjabi songs, but it is nice. "ndheri" is just viewing it from some other planet. it's a good album and a must download and smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Review by PunjabiDemonz done on 09/16/2005 : this album!!! 6/10
kuwariyaan is the best song out of this album. toon dissdi is nice too.paggan pochviyaan-average,nothing special. then comes morniye and rounak,whick are below average.nateejay song really got me interested when i listened to it but then came in all that burgers,pizza n the fast food crap. overall music is good-anyone knows who did it? diljit's vocals are, no doubt, awesome. **note: leave english lyrics to those who know it best.**
Review by karanKang done on 09/20/2005 : Must Listen 10/10
Great Album....
Review by thugjatt1 done on 02/19/2006 : its ok 8/10
the album is ok the best song is nachdian
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