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Album : Gal Dil Di
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 11/30/2004
Rating : 8.79
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Dil Tera Featuring Indian Miss & Chesire Cat
Singer(s) : Soni Pabla
2. Panjaeb Yaar Di
Singer(s) : Soni Pabla
3. Hasna
Singer(s) : Soni Pabla
4. Boohey Vich
Singer(s) : Soni Pabla
5. Punjab
Singer(s) : Soni Pabla
6. Hauli Hauli Chal
Singer(s) : Soni Pabla
7. Pyar Diyan Chithian
Singer(s) : Soni Pabla
8. Pehle Torh Di Daru
Singer(s) : Soni Pabla
9. Talli Jeha Ho Lain De
Singer(s) : Soni Pabla
10. Main Nahin Rakhi Behna
Singer(s) : Soni Pabla
11. Advert 1 Joti Dhillon - Rise Up
Singer(s) : Soni Pabla
12. Advert 2 Sonu Nigam - Teri Payal
Singer(s) : Soni Pabla
Album Description :
Album: Gal Dil Di
Singer: Soni Pabla
Music: Sukshinder Shinda
Label: Genie Records
Track Listing:

01 Dil Tera Featuring Indian Miss & Chesire Cat
02 Panjaeb Yaar Di
03 Hasna
04 Boohey Vich
05 Punjab
06 Hauli Hauli Chall
07 Pyar Diyan Chithian
08 Pehle Torh Di Daru
09 Talli Jeha Ho Lain De
10 Main Nahin Rakhi Behna
11 Advert 1 Joti Dhillon - Rise Up
12 Advert 2 Sonu Nigam - Teri Payal

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by shehzhada done on 10/07/2005 : gal dil di 10/10
damn nice songs.. killin it can't wait for JOTI DILLON RISE UP.. must download this album. Good flava of songs... i'm out..peace
Review by raj420 done on 10/07/2005 : Gal Dil Di 10/10
it's all good songs and music is cool
Review by bira020 done on 10/07/2005 : off the hook 10/10
Great variety of songs.. Chak de soni and Shinda....
Review by gqjatt209 done on 10/07/2005 : Ik tera Nachna ni Ik tera hasna... 10/10
This album is off da hook. Soni Pabla did it this time fa sho. Shinda got his back. Hasna and Dil Tera are a must download. CAUTION: DON'T BLOW OUT YOUR SPEAKERS, I ALMOST DID. A 10/10 FOR SONI PABLA AND A 10/10 FOR JOTI DHILLON'S PROMOS
Review by PunjabiDemonz done on 10/09/2005 : below average 4/10
sukhshinder shinda desperately needs to bring new flava to his music. his music is redundant. not impressed by the album at all. will love to see him be on the top once again but there is so much competetion that shinda needs to work really hard if he wants to rise. good luck with next album. soni pabla you got great voice man i awaited for your album but you need to pick some better songs.
Review by bigxxxboy done on 10/15/2005 : good songs 10/10
HASNA and HAULI HAULI CHAL are the best songs.
Review by bobby_ji done on 10/17/2005 : Better 10/10
He's done much better than his first album...keep it up...shinda's music is outstanding again... # 2 song is the best.
Review by harinder1 done on 11/04/2005 : Same old music 5/10
Got some good songs, bu shinda's music is beginning to sound too repetitive with the same dhol beats. He needs to produce some new beats.
Review by desiholic done on 11/15/2005 : Good one! 9/10
A great album, a fusion of traditional punjabi music and modern stuff... worth listening to
Review by navdeepbrar1 done on 02/23/2006 : its really fantastic album 10/10
its a great work done by both shinda& sony pabla,,,,main ni rakhi behna ve aunde saal kankaan di,,,is tabahi song @ punjab is a gift to punjabi culture...keep it up and in last "punjabian di shaan wakhri"barry
Review by damurders done on 10/16/2006 : R I P 10/10
another great singer died. Soni Pabla had a heart attack and he died in brampton toronto.
Review by firozepur done on 10/16/2006 : Soni Pabla 10/10
R I P Soni Pabla
Review by supersaiyon3 done on 01/10/2007 : nice job 9/10
good alumb best song punjab yarr di.. check out rise up alumb and download the song TOHAR PUNJBAIAN DI FROM IT SIKK SONG
Review by aman303 done on 01/23/2007 : great album 10/10
great album gal dil di is awesome by soni pabla
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