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Album : Jai Mata Di
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 02/27/1998
Rating : 8.96
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Teri Jai Ho Ganesh
Singer(s) : Master Saleem
2. Bolo Jai Mata Di
Singer(s) : Master Saleem
3. Charani Lagaya Saanu Maata Ne
Singer(s) : Master Saleem
4. Maa Jholiyan Bhardi
Singer(s) : Master Saleem
5. Deedar Jhande Wali Da
Singer(s) : Master Saleem
6. Nach Nach Maiya Nu
Singer(s) : Master Saleem
7. Maiya Di Jot Jaga
Singer(s) : Master Saleem
8. Dars Maiya Da Kita
Singer(s) : Master Saleem
Album Description :
Album: Jai Mata Di
Singer: Master Saleem
Track Listing:

01 Teri Jai Ho Ganesh
02 Bolo Jai Mata Di
03 Charani Lagaya Saanu Maata Ne
04 Maa Jholiyan Bhardi
05 Deedar Jhande Wali Da
06 Nach Nach Maiya Nu
07 Maiya Di Jot Jaga
08 Dars Maiya Da Kita

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by raj2712 done on 05/23/2008 : Very Nice Album 10/10
I think it is a very nice album containing very good bhajans.
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