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Album : Sona
Type : Singer
Language : Hindi
Release Date : 09/28/2006
Rating : 9.14
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Bolo Na
Singer(s) : Sona Mohapatra
2. Abhi Nahin Aana
Singer(s) : Sona Mohapatra
3. Aaje Ve
Singer(s) : Sona Mohapatra
4. Ishq Nachaya
Singer(s) : Sona Mohapatra
5. Aise Jaagi Re
Singer(s) : Sona Mohapatra
6. Awaz
Singer(s) : Sona Mohapatra
7. Jai Phulo Re
Singer(s) : Sona Mohapatra
8. Sapne
Singer(s) : Sona Mohapatra
9. Bolo Na (House Mix)
Singer(s) : Sona Mohapatra
10. Ishq Nachaya (Punditz Mix)
Singer(s) : Sona Mohapatra
Album Description :
Album : Sona
Singer: Sona Mohapatra
Label: Sony India
Producer: Ram Sampath
Lyricist: Munna Dhiman
Music: Ram Sampath
Track Listing:

01 Bolo Na (6:14)
02 Abhi Nahin Aana (5:54)
03 Aaje Ve (4:40)
04 Ishq Nachaya (5:42)
05 Aise Jaagi Re (4:28)
06 Awaz (4:28)
07 Jai Phulo Re (3:28)
08 Sapne (4:14)
09 Bolo Na (House Mix) (5:51)
10 Ishq Nachaya (Punditz Mix) (5:10)

Sony BMG has launched Sona by singer Sona Mohapatra. This album has songs that are an amalgamation of styles as divergent as Rock, R&B and Flamenco along with Hindustani, Baul and Gypsy Romani music, as per an official release.

Speaking at the launch, singer Sona said, "This is the album that I always dreamt of. All eight songs are deeply personal & are 8 stories in themselves. In the last 2 years, during the making of the album we laughed, cried, fought and went through huge emotional upheavals, all of which have now become insignificant in the larger scheme of things and yes, each song has a history, a story behind it".

Music director Ram Sampath, who's composed, arranged and produced Sona's debut album says, "Sona has a natural ability to get to the heart of a song. There's honesty in her voice that's unique and refreshing without compromising -on technique. She's an ancient voice with a young woman's soul and that makes her special."

Lyricists Munna Dhiman with his insightful mind and inspiring spirit adds to Soria's already talented persona. He believes, "Sona's varied experiences in different walks of life have helped her to enhance her musical skills greatly. The album Sona is just about that. It came out of a need to make a song about the little things and simple pleasures of life - the reflection of realities which, form a small but significant part of our lives".

Talking at the release of 'Sona, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, (India) Pvt. Ltd MD Shridheir Subramaniam said, "As a company, we have always scouted for and nurtured fresh talent. Sona is definitely one of the best talents we have associated with and we are sure her~ unique voice and distinct style of music will leave a mark. "

Sona Song Review: Last few months of year 2006 have been primarily dominated by compilations with hardly a few albums solo artists making their mark. In such times comes an artiste who goes by the name of Sona and promises to hook you with her first ever song from the namesake album 'Sona' that is entirely different from what you are hearing in the current times. That's the reason why it is difficult to ignore the album and not give it a hearing as soon you find it on the stands. Produced and composed by Ram Sampath who has given music for Raj Kumar Santoshi's 'Khakee' and 'Family - Ties Of Blood', 'Sona' has lyrics by Munna Dhiman.

1. Bolo Na [Original and House Mix]

There is a Spanish feel in the way 'Bolo Na' begins with the sound of guitar creating a candle light ambience. Sona uses her voice to an intoxicating effect and the slight westernized accent makes 'Bolo Na' a song you can hum along while on a drive. A song about two individuals falling apart and one of them trying to find a reason behind the incident, 'Bolo Na' is a rare instance of a song belonging to such genre coming at the very beginning of an album. Munna Dhiman's lyrics are so simple and yet so meaningful that they almost sound like a narration rather than poetry. Ram Sampath's musical arrangement throughout the song remains Spanish in its theme and presents the song in a new light altogether while keeping a distance from being conventional Indi-pop. Overall one of the most impressive single to have arrived this year with has an International feel to it. Chris and Zoheb come together for the House Mix of the song that takes its time to create the right theme for the situation and when Sona's rendition begins one can actually feel the feet tapping on the floors!

2. Abhi Nahin Aana

It's the sound of a guitar again, though in a jazzed up manner, to set base for 'Abhi Nahin Aana' that takes the album through a 180 degree turn. A masterstroke by the composer, it just makes one sit up and take notice of the singer since one least expected a semi-classical track to follow after a contemporary 'Bolo Na'. With Sona's vocals taking the center stage and the musical instruments taking the backseat while simply helping the tune grow, 'Bolo Na' is sheer poetry as it conveys the mood of a girl who wants her lover to come after a while so that she could take pleasure in the wait! Pepped up by subtle western arrangements, the song moves at an extra slow pace but in the process keeps the listener's glued to the music system. Boasting of an old world charm, it is the second straight beautiful song in a row by the team.

3. Aaja Ve

Sona, Ram Sampat and Munna Dhiman show once again that they have set out to make an album with variety galore because the next track that follows has a Rajasthani folk flavor to it. Sona changes her pitch to suit the song's setting and the variation that she brings in her rendition makes you wonder if she is the same female who was heard in 'Bolo Na' a few moments back! Rhythmic in its appeal, the song manages well not to give you a sense of deja vu as if you were hearing yet another folk flavored track but instead presents you something that is quite pleasant to hear.

4. Awaz

Husky and low pitched rendition by Sona makes 'Awaz' another song in the album after 'Abhi Nahin Aana' that has to be heard quite closely due to its subtle approach. Slightly western in her approach, Sona sings the song for a female who is hearing the voice of her heart and trying to take a call on whether to believe it or not! With just a guitar in the background, the song is as good as a lullaby as it can make you go to a peaceful sleep due to its sweet'n'simple approach

5. Jai Phulo Re

Folk flavor is apparent once again, this time from the heartland of Orissa [Sona's homeland]; in 'Jai Phulo Re' that has a unique dialect and feel to it. More than anything else, the song succeeds in showcasing the range of Sona as a singer as she doesn't repeat herself in even a single song heard so far. She changes her voice completely and seems totally at ease with the Oriya setting of the song. A remarkable achievement, the song instantly makes one interested in hearing more of Sona in the coming days.

6. Ishq Nachaya [Original and Punditz Mix]

With 'Ishq Nachaya', Sona is given an opportunity by Ram Sampath to dig her teeth into Sufi music and doesn't she deliver here too? Singing like a pro, Sona is excellent in one of the best tracks of the album that sounds so very different in spite of belonging to the Sufi genre that is so common to hear in albums today. The song is paced quite well by Ram Sampath who shows his versatility as well in coming up with variety of tunes. Medieval Punditz remix the track and aptly name it as 'Punditz Mix'. Now this is a kind of track that one would wish a music video is created around since it has that funk to it that makes is a true blue lounge track. Hear it once and you would surely be hooked on!

7. Aise Jaagi Re

Just like 'Abhi Nahin Aana', 'Aise Jaagi Re' too is a subtle track that follows a semi-classical approach. Both the lyrics and the music compliment each other in creating the kind of mood of waiting for your loved one. A track that is bound to touch you if heard in the dead of the night, it maintains the consistent feel of the album and makes you appreciate by the range of the album.

8. Sapne

Ram Sampath gets inspired from his own music with 'Sapne' where one can just sniff his own hits 'Dil Dooba' [Khakee] and 'Katra Katra' [Family]! There is a Middle East flavor to the song that is lively and motivates one to dream and aspire to achieve one's dreams. Sona refrains from going full throttle while rendering this one and keeps her voice in check by singing in a medium pitch. A befitting way to bring the album to a closure.

'Sona' is one of the best albums by a solo singer to have arrived this year. What makes the album tick is sheer variety that makes you hear it on while being glued to the music system from beginning till the end. Ram Sampath and Munna Dhiman too give a good account of themselves while teaming up for this delightful album that can cite its USP as - RANGE!

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