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Album : Jaan Panjabi - The Album
Type : Singer
Language : Punjabi
Release Date : 03/18/2007
Rating : 7.14
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Track List : Complete Album
1. Jaan Panjabi (Panjabi By Nature)
Singer(s) : Various
2. Tere Nain (Panjabi By Nature)
Singer(s) : Various
3. Dil Ney Lagda (Panjabi By Nature)
Singer(s) : Various
4. Kamaal Kargaye (Panjabi By Nature)
Singer(s) : Various
5. Mere Naal Gal Kar - Talk To Me
Singer(s) : Various
6. Dil (Panjabi By Nature)
Singer(s) : Lehmber Hussainpuri
7. Nikki (Karam Sandhu)
Singer(s) : Sanjay Dhaliwal
8. Dil Mitra Da (Karam Sandhu)
Singer(s) : Jati Cheed
9. Putt Sardar Da (Offlicence)
Singer(s) : Gugandeep Kaur & Sunny J
10. Nach Kuriye (Dj Rix)
Singer(s) : Manjeet Gill
11. Duniya (Karam Sandhu)
Singer(s) : Inder Chitti
Album Description :
Album: Jaan Panjabi - The Album
Singer: Various
Label: Limitless Records Ltd.
Music: Panjabi By Nature, DJ Rix, Red & J-VYBE
Track Listing:

01 Jaan Panjabi - Charanjit Channi & Lexeye (Offlicence)
Lyrics: Sandhu - Music: Panjabi By Nature

02 Tere Nain - Dippa Dosanjh
Lyrics: Tari Banwalipuria - Music: Panjabi By Nature

03 Dil Ney Lagda - Jeevan Maan
Lyrics: Tari Banwalipuria - Music: Panjabi By Nature

04 Kamaal Kargaye - Amarjeet Chamkila
Lyrics: Tari Banwalipuria - Music: Panjabi By Nature

05 Mere Naal Gal Kar (Talk To Me)
Lyrics: ? - Music: Offlicence

06 Dil - Lehmber Hussainpuri
Lyrics: Nizampuri - Music: Panjabi By Nature

07 Nikki - Sanjay Dhaliwal
Lyrics: Seetal - Music: Karam Sandhu

08 Dil Mitra Da - Jati Cheed
Lyrics: Tari Banwalipuria - Music: Karam Sandhu

09 Putt Sardar Da - Gugandeep Kaur & Sunny J
Lyrics: Sarwan Sivia - Music: Offlicence

10 Nach Kuriye - Manjeet Gill
Lyrics: Surjit Shallapuri - Music: Dj Rix

11 Duniya - Inder Chitti
Lyrics: G Chitti - Music: Karam Sandhu

Jaan Panjabi - The Album is a fine balance of east meets west. Traditional folk melodies to hard hitting hip hop beats!! It definitely appeals to everyone!! Already predicted to be one of the biggest tracks of 2007.... "Jaan Panjabi" produced by the hit maker Panjabi By Nature (PBN) features the vocal talents of Charanjeet Channi and Offlicence. The song promises to be yet another PBN Dancefloor Anthem!! The video for Jaan Panjabi is now airing on all asian music channels.

Jaan Panjabi" the brand new 11 track compilation album featuring 4 tracks produced by Panjabi By Nature including the smash hit "Jaan Panjabi" featuring the vocals of Charanjit Channi.

Other producers on the album include newcomer DJ Rix, Red and J-VYBE. Singers featuring on the album include Jeevan Maan, Dippa Dosanjh, Amarjit Chamkila, Sanjay Dhaliwal, Lembher Hussainpuri, Jati, Sunny J & Manjeet Gill.

Jaan Panjabi (The Album) is a fine balance of east meets west with traditional folk melodies to hard hitting hip hop beats. . .

User Reviews : Write A Review/Comment
Review by kimmi done on 03/19/2007 : Chakdey Phatey PBN Ne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10
Sari Album Badi Ghant Ah..Special Track 1(Jann Punjabi)..............BRUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.................
Review by jakad done on 03/19/2007 : jakad 8/10
chak de dholiye album , nice songs specially jaan punjabi from charanjit channi tohari gaana n from chamkila it sounds great it deserve 9/10 kinne time bad koi sahi album aayi
Review by ARYAN100 done on 03/21/2007 : Overated 5/10
I dont get why people like these kinda albums...I mean they remix the voice to sound like its a little kid (or just talking fast) and the song qualities are not always the best....I mean arent u people sick of Lehmber always soudning like he inhaled baloon air?
Review by b9llyb done on 04/13/2007 : Very bad album 1/10
It is a very bad album. For those of you who think its a 10.......... you need to get out more. Absolute rubbish
Review by hardykaur done on 04/18/2007 : dil neh lagda 10/10
heard many vesions of this song an this has to be the best one so far....makes u wanna cry oh an the main track jaan panjabi is a killer on the dance floor...luvin this tune
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