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DJ A.P.S. mainly produces music in Punjabi.
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DJ A.P.S. Ajay Paul Singh

The most downloaded remixer on Napster, and that I also THE KING of remixing. Dj APS has the mixes that will keep your hearts pounding & wanting for more. Dj APS has worked with the best remixers in the world such as Bally Sagoo, DJ SANJ, DJ HMD, DJ JAZZ, M.I.B., Punjabi MC, ZAK, Kamran, DJ JITEN, DJ PUNJABI, Surjit Bindhrakia, Manmohan Waris, Balwinder Safri, and many more. DJ APS also known as THE KING is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, he is a very well known face in the nite life side of the clubs in downtown Vancouver.

A.P.S. the 25 year old who started his work way back in 1994 creates party mixes and original production that have attracted global attention by his unique sound, detailed composition and rugged texture. Music experts alike are all taken back with his ability to create ear candy with his detailed and strategic mixes.
Bhangra & Hip Hop remixing has been around well over 10 years now, when bhangra remixing was dying from repetition and lack of originality, A.P.S. created something unstoppable with a new hard edge added with loud hip hop beats rap freestyles. It is safe to say his material is still ahead time!

Now been DJing, producing, and rapping for 12 years, A.P.S. is bringing something refreshing and unheard of. With the ongoing style, DJ APS's Remix has been pressed on "AV8" records with Panjabi MC's "Beware of the boys" and now has released his own vinyl's.

Paul was born and raised in Brantford Ontario Canada (1hr west of Toronto) which started it all as a kid growing up around music from his dad and older brother. At age 16 Paul use to sneak in with fake I.D. and very eager to show DJ's & all clubs his ability and music he put together in his basement. At first it was hard to come up as he would convince DJ's to let him play for 10-20 minutes, with hard work the name DJ A.P.S. came through and rocked every party along with his MCing skills. Paul grew up on old school hip hop as RUN-DMC. Big Daddy Kane. PE. NWA. BDP, Michael Jackson, LL Cool J, Rakim etc...("when music used to be good" as he says)

In 1999 he started releasing his songs on the net for promotion, he had gained recognition quickly and was very grateful and would appear on various compilation albums and his own mix tapes. That is when calls & emails began to take over asking A.P.S. to perform in different parts of the world and everyone got to know the Big 6"3 DJ A.P.S. In person A.P.S. seems very intimidating, however humble and very friendly willing to help upcoming DJ's.....In his music he's nothing similar, to him it's all about a battle producing each track as if its his last with its own introduction to start it off, it is a musical event all combined in one.

A.P.S. is eager to collaborate with more and more artists for a chance to work in a variety of different musical styles, and looking toward bigger opportunities.
A.P.S. has currently finished his new video to be aired soon titled: "IN DISGUISE"
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