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Mandeep Taunk mainly produces music in Punjabi.
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In his own words: I had always loved music but like most people, I'd really only listen to it and I never really went beyond bobbing my head to a song. But when I got into college at UC Berkeley, I got roomed with an aspiring artist by the name of Saron, aka MVP. He got me started on a few music programs and so my training began.

The summer after my freshman year, I started an internship at a high-tech company here in the Bay Area. There, I met Truman Jefferson. Truman was cousins with Coolio had worked with 2Pac before 2Pac went over to Death Row. He was also good friends with the whole Digital Underground crew. He's the one that really got me started in producing music, helping me initially choose microphones, keyboards, and other studio gear.

After my sophomore year, Harry Sachdev would move in as my roomate. Harry had been promoting and deejaying parties for quite a long time. From the beginning, Harry and I got along real well, always sharing with each other new music and creative ideas. However, it wouldn't be until I graduated that I would be able to implement them.

After I graduated, Harry and I sat down and discussed the possibility of entering the Punjabi music scene. We discussed and researched places we could use to do production, what studio gear we needed, and what artists would be able to get. At the time, nothing really seemed feasible because everything required a lot of resources and a lot of contacts. Our bring break came when I got the go ahead from my dad to build a studio in the corner of his warehouse. Knowing that this may be our only opportunity to launch this project, we jumped on it. Soon, with the help of family and friends, including Sunny Bola, we built a studio, complete with a production room and a recording room, installed all the gear, everything from microphone wire to mixers, and started production.

For the next year, we would build our network of support, everything from dholis to vocalists. Little by little, we would gain the trust of everyone's path that we crossed and convince them to work with us. Slowly, our crew began to grow and people began to take notice.

The hardest part for me was continuingly forcing myself to learn new things. I have never been a pro at the keyboard but I made myself practice everyday. The equipment and software programs were all also new to me and I had to teach myself how to use them. Most excruciating of all, sometimes I would sit in one place listening to a twenty seconds of music for hours upon hours, making sure each instrument was in key and had been played correctly. In all honesty, I didn't know it was going to be this hard, but I stuck through it.

Two years later, we have finally finished this album and I do believe that its going to have a big impact. These aren't just going to be songs that five people in this world are going to know about. These aren't just songs that other people have sang and we slapped a hip-hop beat onto. These are all tracks that have been meticuously produced and they are something people will notice.
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