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Sukshinder Shinda mainly sings Bhangra music in Punjabi.
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With over 200 album credits and countless hit songs to his name, Sukshinder Shinda has thrived in the music business for more than a decade. He has produced many worldwide smash-hit albums, overseen many new music artists and has had his music featured on a number of Bollywood film soundtracks too. With this glorious portfolio Sukshinder Shinda, would be considered by many as the most talented and influential music directors to emerge from the UK's Asian scene, can proudly call himself 'The Music Man'.

His extensive experience of music recording has included working with artists like Kuldip Manak, AS Kang, Apna Group, Panjabi MC, Sardool Sikander, Heera Group, Manjit Pappu, Madan Maddi, Meshi Eshara and Gurdas Mann and in 1993, Shinda helped launch Jazzy B's career by producing and composing his first album 'Ghugian da Jorra'. First solo instrumental tape was in 1989, Dhol Beat 1, which was probably the first ever totally instrumental album featuring the five most authentic Punjabi instruments. No synthesizers, no bass, and no samples - this has proved to be one of the mot popular albums ever used since its release, and proof that Shinda's musical visions could well have been ahead of his time.

In addition to several years of percussion and session music for many of Bhangra's top artists on hits such as B21's 'Chandigarh', The Safri Boyz' 'Bomb the Tumbi Boliyan' Saqi's 'Saqian da Dhol' and Jazzy B's 'Landono Patola'', Sukshinder Shinda has been instrumental on over 200 separate albums and recordings over the years. His colourful culture and bright music is completely different to that of his contemporaries, with one foot steeped in the musical roots of Bhangra and the other knee-deep in contemporary rhythms, Shinda shows again his natural affinity with different genres of music.
Shinda - the producer, composer, arranger, singer and musician from Handsworth - is a music machine. Since his introduction to his mentor Kuldip S. Matharu and his tutorship under legendary Gold champion Dhol player Laal S. Bhatti, Shinda's creative talents have seen become an accomplished player of the harmonium, tabla and keyboards. "With the immense guidance of my teacher and 'Guru' Ustad Ajit S. Mathalashi ji I have learned so much from him, but I feel there is still much more to learn each day in the field of music. His work and his guidance has defined my role as a musician immensely."

His music career became more important to him than his schooling in the early years, has now seen him record and play live around the world and on some of the biggest stages. Shinda has seen his unique sound for AS Kang ('Jawani Boliyan' and 'Aish Karo'), Balwinder Safri ('Another Level'), and Jazzy B ('Surma' and 'Oh Kedi') take hold of audiences across the continents of the world with an undoubted mass appeal and in turn he has earned a highly respected reputation as a musician of the highest order. Shinda's production is as strong as ever, folk style ballads are interspersed with some of their smoothest dance numbers of recent years, hit songs like 'Landono Patola', 'Tera Roop', 'Bolve', 'Naag', 'Laal', 'Daroo', 'Jawani', 'Chan Ke' and his very own 'Dil' are testament to that.

Shinda being a singer also, has realeased some albums himself.
Such as Gal Sunja which was famous and also Balle which was a eveb bigger hit. His beats are which are liked by alot of people.
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