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Agnee The Band is an amateur singer who mainly sings Pop music in Hindi.
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Agnee The Band: Agnee is an all new Indian rock band who have created the first ever MTV ROADIES theme song. More on that later, right now the band is also producing music for Prakash Jhas next, "Dil, Dosti, Etc," and their very own compilation.

The bands made up of three men: Arijit, Koko and Mohan. Arijit brings in the Jazz-Rock, Koko steps it up with Classic Rock, Pop and Indian and Mohan slows it down with his Carnatic and Hindustani classical influences.

This is the old band Agni, completely revived and now relaunching themselves as Agnee. One of the few lucky rock bands to actually get signed on by a big music label, they draw influences from various genres including classical, jazz and fuse it up interestingly to produce melodious songs. Except for Koko (the guitarist), the band consists of a complete new line-up. We met at a friends wedding and hit it off, says Mohan, the vocalist from the band. Influenced by classic rock bands like Sting, Dave Matthews band, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Agnee confesses to making a few compromises to get signed on to a big label.

While the old Agni has been a major attraction at a whole lotta big rock festivals such as I-Rock, Mood Indigo amongst others. All come from different backgrounds with experience from solo projects that they have worked on and this makes up the unique sound of the band,
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