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Mika mainly sings Bhangra music in Punjabi.
Votes / Rating : 111 / 7.56
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Amrik Singh Mika

Mika is the brother of Daler Mehndi. An Punjabi singer.

Meet Mika Singer and Musician Mika's Lineage predisposes him to music. His father Ajmer Singh Chandan is classically trained musician of the old school and his mother had a vast is repertoire of folk music. It was this combination which provided the inspiration to their children to look towards music as an art form that was fun and still had a serious dimension.

No wonder "Mika started to pay the Table when he was eight, the Harmonium when he was twelve and the guitar when was 14 and has a hit music album "Sawan mein lag gayee aag" when he was twenty four.

So what is it that differentiates Mika from today's existing pop singers and wannabes?First and foremost is his strong musical background. In addition to his formidable natural musical instincts, Mika has worked hard to perfect his skill as a musician often playing and practicing on the guitar and key boards twelve hours art a stretch.
His newest album inculude "Something Something"
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