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Aziz Mian mainly sings Qawwali music in Urdu.
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Aziz Mian Qawwal
(born in Delhi, India on April 17th ,1942 Died in Tehran, Iran at the age of 58 on Wednesday 6th December 2000)

Qawwali music developed around the Sufi shrines that are dotted all over the Indian subcontinent whose annual urs(festivals) attract vast numbers of devotees, both Muslim and Hindu. It is music for the heart and soul, its hypnotic rhythms intended to arouse a state of abandon and ecstasy, to draw the listener in, its message the transcendent power of love (ishq). Experience of a qawwali performance should itself be like the journey to enlightenment. In language, philosophy and form it is eclectic and improvised. The words are very important. Different qawwals often sing the same, well-known folksongs and classical poems that have been sung for centuries, improvising both musically and poetically to give them a stamp of originality.
Aziz Mian is somewhat like a rapper with a gospel chorus. One of the foremost qawwals in Pakistan today, he has a quite unique performance style. The qawwali device of breaking off from. I the music to interject spoken lines becomes, in his performance, a, launch into such passionate and I staccato verse recital (from a vast store of Urdu and Persian classics, as well as from his own pen) that Aziz Mian has acquired the reputation of 'poet amongst qawwals'.
A qawwali show traditionally begins and ends with devotional songs but in between there is scope for improvisation and here Aziz Mian comes into his own. No simple praise-singer, he explores contradictions and dilemmas -'v hen you hear that staccato rap and see his finger dart back and forth from side to side, again and again, he is asking "which way shall I go?" He is a sophisticated philosopher versed in Arabic and Persian as well as Urdu, who challenges preconceptions and orthodoxy. He sings Hindu as well as Muslim songs and ferociously demolishes sectarianism. Insan azim hai -'man is great' -is his motto. He is a demolisher of walls, a voice of humanism.

Aziz Mian was born in Delhi, India on April 17th ,1942. He moved to Pakistan at the age of five in 1947. At the age of ten he started to learn the art of qawwali under the tutelage of Ustad Abdul Waheed. He received sixteen years of training at the Data Ganj Baksh School in Lahore, Pakistan. It may be recalled that Data Ganj Baksh is one of the most revered Sufis of the sub- continent. Aziz Mian holds M.S. Degrees from Punjab University, Lahore, in History and Urdu Literature.
Aziz Mian's first big break-in performance~ came in 1966 when he performed. before the Shah of Iran ,Raza Shah Pehlvl. He won 1st Prize In Iran and Gold Medal from the King of Persia. Aziz Mian does not reference books while performing and has complete command of the Urdu language and Urdu Literature.
For his service in Philosophy, Music and Qawwali, the Government of Pakistan awarded him the highest honour in such categories, the "Pride of Performance" in 1989. He has won almost every award in the field of Qawwali in Pakistan and India. Aziz Mian is not only a great Qawwal but also a devoted Sufi, beautiful poet, philosopher, writer of Serat, Scholar of scripture and a great researcher.
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