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Bhagwant Maan mainly sings Comedy music in Punjabi.
Votes / Rating : 105 / 8.89
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Bhagwant Maan (born October 17, 1969) in Sangrur, Punjab, India. Bhagwant Mann is a well known "COMEDY KING". Bhagwant started his comedy career by participating in youth festivals and inter-college competitions. He won two gold medals from Punjab University Patiala for Sunam College. "Kulfi Garma Garm" was his top selling album. Bhagwant Mann gave his insight by his illustration on politicians, policemen, business departments, and sports. Bhagwant Mann recently, signed as a company Ambassador by Hyundai Motors India. Bhagwant Mann started his comedy album career with Jagtar Jaggi and after 10 years they split citing financial reasons and also the fact that Jaggi was in the shadow of the 'Punjabi Comedy King', soon after this Bhagwant Mann became partners with writer Rana Ranbir. Their duo had been very good but soon after, their popularity declined with the emergence of other comedy stars as Gurpreet Ghuggi, Bhotu Shah and old timer Jaswinder Bhalla from the Chhankata series dating back to 1989. In 2006 Bhagwant Mann and Jagtar Jaggi settled their differences and have gone to Canada and England, doing shows together while Rana Ranbir has brushed up his acting skills in the Punjabi film 'Dil Apna Punjabi', a made for TV Punjabi magazine show 'Excuse Me Please' and Punjabi serial 'Manjeet Jagjeet'.


Haas-Haas Ke (T-Series) (2006)
Bhagwant Mann Most Wanted (Cap) (2005)
Kee Main Jhooth Boliya (T-Series) (2004)
5 Duni 20 (T-Series) (2004)
Sawdhan Agge Bhagwant Mann (T-Series) (2003)
Bhagwant Mann Full Speed (T-Series) (2002)
Dam Lai Lo (T-Series) (2001)
Bhagwant Mann Non-Stop (T-Series) (2001)
Bhagwant Mann 420 (Sun Music) (2000)
Zeldaar Da Munda Gaoon Lagaya (Sun Music) (2000)
Sadi Billi Sanu Miyaoon (T-Series) (2000)
Lallu Kare Kawaliya (T-Series) (1999)
Gustaki Maaf (T-Series) (1998)
Rukawat Ke Liye Khed Hai (T-Series) (1997)
Khariya Khariya (Tips) (1997)
Kursi Rani (Tips) (1996)
Jagde Raho (Peritone) (1995)
Hindustan Dhakka Start (T-Series) (1995)
Maaf Karo (T-Series) (1995)
Koko de Bachee (T-Series) (1994)
Bol Madari Bol (Peritone) (1994)
Mithiya Mircha (T-Series) (1994)
Kulfi Garma Garm (T-Series) (1993)
Gobhi Diye Kacchiye Vaparne (CMC) (1992)


Punjabi Bluff Master (Eagle Video) (2006)
Pappu Baneya Neta (Eagle Video) (2006)
Pappu Bhaa Ji M.B.B.S. (Eagle Video) (2006)
Pappu Pass Ho Gaya (Eagle Video) (2005)
Kee Main Jhooth Boliya (T-Series) (2004)
Sawdhan Agge Bhagwant Mann (T-Series) (2003)
Bhagwant Mann Non-Stop Vol. 2 (T-Series) (2002)
Bhagwant Mann Full Speed (T-Series) (2002)
Bhagwant Mann Non-Stop (T-Series) (2001)
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