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Sapna Awasthi mainly sings Hindi music in Hindi.
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This one song probably made more money than any other that year. Chaiyya chaiyya also made a few careers, Sukhwinder Singh for one, and Sapna Awasthi for another. The latter was already making a name for herself, and the song from Dil Se.. just underlined her presence.

Sapna Awasthi was a housewife, with almost no aspirations to her present stardom. She had received extensive classical training from a young age, and was, as the case usually is, in great demand during family events and the like.

One such event would change her life. Milind of the songwriting team of Anand-Milind was a family friend, and at his engagement party Sapna, was, as usual, literally pushed onto stage to sing. And sing she did, belting out an impressive version of Banno.

The family applauded as usual, and everyone shook her hand and said the usual things. But the duo of Anand-Milind, impressed enough to do something, gave her the opportunity to sing a song for the film Dushmani.

That was a foot in the door, and with a subsequent roller-coaster of events culminating in the hit Pardesi pardesi from the film Raja Hindustani, Sapna Awasthi had broken through and emerged a winner. Nadeem-Shravan, with their emphasis on melody, decided to use her voice, and the song's success catapulted her into the highly-paid realms of playback singing.

Despite her commitments in the studio, Sapna has expressed her preference to performing live. The interaction with the audience, according to her, encourages improvisation and adventure, and brings the best out of her.

After working with A R Rahman in Dil Se.., Sapna has clearly expressed that he is one of the best around - easy to work with and nothing short of brilliant.

Sapna is an advocate of 'back to basics' kind of singing, where digital wizardry is not used to make an average singer sound like something fabulous. Strange, for Rahman is an avid exponent of that same technology.

Her folksy style has made her voice popular in the Indian home and with the new resurgence of folk music in movies all over India, Sapna Awasthi has no lack of work.

An avid reader and theatre enthusiast in her spare time, she enjoys the work of Shakespeare and the hindi author Premchand.
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