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Sukhbir mainly sings Bhangra music in Punjabi.
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Like many other punjabi boys, Sukhbir caught on to the bhangra fever at an early age. It wasn't until his late 20s that the talent had begun to take shape. Sukhbir had released his first album recorded in Dubai leaving all the music stores in dire straits. He was sold out!

His recent album 'Gul ban gayee' was a whopping success nominating himself a No. 1 spot by Sony TV and Golden Disk award by Indian music society. He has performed with a multitude of artists from Spice girls to Asha Bhonsle. Now out is his newest release called 'Hai energy.' If you come this far, you can't let this one slide.


Called the 'Prince of Bhanghra', Sukhbir is the Punjabi Munda with 'attitude'. A complete live performer and therefore perfect material for Indi pop, Sukhbir spells energy and zest.


Born in 1969 in Punjab, Sukhbir has lived most of his life in Nairobi, Kenya. His interest in music, especially Indian, arose out of the fact that he grew up listening to bhajans as well as Indian folk music like bhanghra. In fact, so inclined was Sukhbir toward music, that even as a child, heıd often reproduce on the harmonium, songs heıd heard before. Soon the interest took on a wider, more serious perspective as he started putting together a team of amateur back up vocalists and music arrangers, with himself on the keyboard to form his own music band.

The Shaping of an Indi pop artist

Toward the end of 1991, Sukhbir finally went solo, performing a one-man show in Kenya. And he was in the least bit uncomfortable doing do. For by then it had been decided that, in terms of a career for him, music it had to be. Familiar with several instruments such as the keyboard, dhol, and guitar, his natural versatility as a musician led him to experiment a great deal with varied sounds. At his debut show, he single handedly worked at producing the full effect of a live band while he actually performed as a solo artist performance! Needless to add, the show was a success.

After this venture followed several others, that were just as well - received. What worked greatly in Sukhbirıs favour was the fact that he was not only creative as a musician but also exceptionally versatile, being conversant in nine languages including Swahili and Portuguese. Sukhbir has performed live in thirteen countries including Uganda, U.K, Seychelles, India, Mauritius and UAE with established names such as Pankaj Udhas, Sudesh Bhosale and Vinod Rathod.

Albums released

Sukhbirıs debut album New Stylee was produced in Dubai by Dolphin records and distributed in India by BMG Crescendo. The album did well, as Sukhbirıs Punjabi pop infused with keyboard generated techno rhythm found a receptive teenage audience.

What followed were two other albums, Hai Energy and Gal Ban Gayee. Both of which were again in the same bhanghra mould yet distinct because of keyboard experimentation with a heady blend of reggae, rave and techno music. Sukhbirıs strongest points have been his ability to synthesise musical styles by using Indian instruments such as the dhol and tabla with drums, bongos, the acoustic guitar and keyboard to create refreshing, foot-tapping music.

His last album comprised of a single Girls, Girls, Girls. He composed this song as a tribute to the Indian woman adn sang it for the Fa Femina Miss India 2001. His newest album will hit the stands by 15 June 2001 and is a complete dance album like all his previous ones.

To Concludeı

This Punjabi Munda has always created hip- swinging music for the dance floor. His ability to constantly innovate by synthesizing new sounds saw him cut new ground within the Punjabi pop music format. A successful Indi pop artist, Sukhbirıs onstage vitality and creativity as a musician, make him one of the best live performing artists within Indi pop today.

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