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Once I was thinking re power of thoughts
It took me deep into the ocean of thoughts
To my enjoyment you know! what it brought?
It turn me into heavenly space shuttle to start!

My journey went on to ocean of thoughts!
It amazed me and what a novel place it was!
No where on earth it is, it will be, and it was!
Everything was so disciplined than I thought!

No makerover and pretension to be seen
You meet and you see everyone is clean
What a colorful place than I thought!
It is me, my thoughts and it onslaught!

If we apply, will open up spiritual lights
And will lead us to new places to delight
There are thousands of new world in space
More beautiful than our earth to compare!

We can reach there with power of thoughts
Only courage of our wisdom needs to apply!
Surprise now-a-days our thoughts are so dry
Even it is within reach of you and me to try!

Amir Samji 

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