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The Constitution of the United States
Allows Susan Sarandon to protest the war
The First Amendment allows Sean Penn
To take tea with Saddam in Baghdad
The Constitution of the United States
Allows a Dixie Chick to publicly proclaim
She is ashamed of her Texas President.
The Constitution of the United States
Allows Martin Sheen to call the same president
A moron; a bad comic
Without fear of prosecution
Without government interference
No one will come to their door
In the middle of the night
Take them away
Never to be heard from again
It is their inalienable right.

The Free Enterprise System in this country
Allows me to boycott Susan, Sean; Sheen and Chick
The First Amendment allows me
To tell one and all how I feel.
The Armed Forces of the United States
Sends our sons and daughters
Our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers
To fight and sometimes die defending
The Constitution of the United States
That allows Susan Sarandon to protest;
Sean to drink tea;
A Chick to be ashamed
And Sheen to be sarcastic
That same Constitution
Allows us to boycott them
To let them know
How ashamed of them
We feel.

Yet even while I flinch at their ignorance
And boycott their performances
I know this is why we fight
This simple freedom
That allows even the foolish
A voice
Is worth dying for.


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