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Oscars and War

They earn an enormous amount of money
For memorizing two hours worth of dialogue
Then pretending to be someone else
Doing it so well that we believe them
Paying them all that money
To do something we all left behind us
In Childhood.
In their world
All problems are solved in two hours
And after being bloodily slaughtered
Folks get up and go out for a power lunch
Bodyguards protect their backs
Maids clean their homes
Nannies watch their children&
Temporary Queens and Kings of their domains
Until someone younger, more beautiful
Pushes them off the pinnacle
The worst tragedy of their sphere
To become a has been&

&so when a war started far away
To save a people who were really dying
Who were tortured and enslaved
To protect us from a valid enemy
Is it any wonder that these people
Who are so far from our reality
Would side more with the man
Who owns the palaces
Than face that strange thing
Anathema to their profession
That thing called reality?

Perhaps we should leave them to their world
Where silly little statues matter
And Human Suffering doesn't
Peace signs another accessory
To fancy dress
Perhaps a little boycott
Will remind them that real life
Is not lines learned
Life and death matters
Are not solved in two hours.


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